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Pre-Sale Inspection

Before selling your property, it is important to ensure that it’s in the best condition possible. With a pre-sale inspection you gain an understanding of the condition of your home, what, if anything, may be wrong with it and the steps that can be taken in order to fix these issues. This remediation will in turn, increase the value of your property and the negotiating power of any future buyers will be diminished as everything is out in the open. The added bonus of a pre-sale inspection is that it also helps a seller avoid potential lawsuits down the road.

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Maintenance Inspection

A maintenance inspection can be done at anytime. This type of inspection allows you to know the up-to-date condition of your home, any emerging issues your house may have, as well as offering up solutions for ensuring the preservation of your investment. With time, materials and construction techniques have evolved and improved in many areas of a typical home build and you can take advantage of these new advancements to make your home more sound and better preserve it’s value. And remember a small cost not spent today can lead to much higher costs down the line.

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Pre-Purchase inspection

Before purchasing your next property, it is very important to have it inspected. A pre-sale inspection consists of a visual inspection of all accessible elements of the property. As a buyer this will allow you to have a much better understanding of the condition of your future investment, allowing you to feel safe in your purchase by confirming exactly what you are getting into. By getting a pre-purchase inspection you are saving yourself from future issues that you alone may not have seen at the time of your viewing and subsequent purchase.

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Adrien Pickel

Adrien is a dynamic, motivated and completely bilingual inspector with in-depth experience in both job-site construction as well as home renovation and finishing. Buying and flipping houses for over five years, his experience in the underpinnings and framework of building help him better understand the various steps, materials choices, and aspects of the Trades that go into sound building practice and execution. And with family legacy in the building trade in the Eastern Townships, Adrien can claim extended exposure and learning beyond his own projects. Adrien has a Bachelor's degree in business from Bishop's University and a Diplome d'Etude Collegial (D.E.C.) in building inspection from the College d'Enseignment Immobilier (C.E.I.) His experience, passion for his work and his general love of architecture, assure that your building inspection is done thoroughly, with a professional focus and attention to detail - all ensuring that your biggest investment is protected


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